Amber June Cross is a graphic designer, illustrator and surface pattern designer. Originally a Floridian, she has now moved to the Dallas, TX area to follow bigger and better surface pattern opportunities.
Working in both ink and digital mediums, her focus is broad, yet leans toward branding, logo design, typography/hand-lettering and any way to combine them with botanicals whenever possible. 
Traditional forms of printmaking, creating custom fonts, curating and self-publishing monthly issues of "Poor Quality Zine," and teaching workshops are side projects constantly in the works.
Amber graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design in 2016 with a B.F.A. in Illustration and has since been a full-time graphic artist in the apparel industry while building a freelance client base in music and restaurant branding, making anything from menu designs to album covers.
Other interests include; guitar, bass & cello, running, gardening, beach parties, sculpture, collecting awesome beer labels, language learning (French and Japanese), trying to bake that perfect loaf of bread, and just generally not sitting still for very long. 
Currently accepting commissions!
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